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A Custom Journal to Capture All Of Your Favorite Activities And Hobbies

With Flexible Journal you can easily write about all of your hobbies and activities in one app. Start writing today!
Recreation Journals Journal a Broad Range of Recreational Activities
Social Diaries Capture a Wide Variety of Social and Personal Activities
Business Logs Improve Work Efficiency With Time Management Logs
Endless Possibilities Unlock Endless Possibilities and Journal Anything

Create Custom Journals Using Forms

Use the form builder to create your own personal forms

Benefits of Journaling

There are many benefits of journaling – Flexible Journal has a rich set of features which give you the power to customize your journal


Create forms for all of your favorite hobbies and activities

Stay Organized

Organize your forms by creating your own categories and more. Flexible Journal makes it simple to find your forms and entries

Share Your Journal

Easily share your journal entries with friends and the world. Flexible Journal lets you share via email and social media. You can also create spreadsheets from your journal entries and much more

The Only Mobile App You Need for All Your Journal and Diary Needs

Recreational Journal

Social Diaries

School & Business Logs

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