Benefits of Keeping a Medical Journal

Benefits of Tracking Medications Use Using Journal 24×7

Ensuring the proper use of medication after a surgery or as prescribed to treat a specific ailment plays a vital role in effective and quick recovery. Unfortunately, many people get it wrong when it comes to taking their medication as prescribed after a surgical procedure or as part of a medical treatment plan.

While surgical procedures and treatment plans are important to resolving many health issues, taking your medicine according to your Drs recommendations is as important as the surgical or medical procedure itself. Many people are in the habit of forgetting to take their medication whenever they notice relieve in their pain or symptoms over time. The truth is that – complete medication taken as prescribed is one of the keys to quick and permanent recovery.

Naturally, people forget this or are unaware of the importance of taking medications as prescribed. However, tracking medication use after a surgical procedure or as part of a treatment plan has many other benefits other than the ones mentioned above. Because we are human, tracking with a mobile journal is a great way to track medication use in conjunction with the effectiveness of medications to address specific concerns.

Tracking medication use with a written journal can help patients maintain a record of contextual data about their states of health, pain episodes or symptom relief to share with healthcare providers for better treatment and diagnosis. This post aims to highlight how Journal 24×7 can be a key resource in tracking pain medication use and effectiveness after a surgical procedure or as part of a medical treatment plan.


Benefits of a Tracking Mobile Journal to your Health

There are many advantages of a mobile journal in helping patients track their medication use after a surgical procedure or as part of a treatment plan. Our users have recognized that Journal 24×7 as being extremely helpful to track use of medications as prescribed, and it has been shown to help a quick recovery. Highlighted below are the benefits of a mobile journal to track medication use:

  • It helps ensure medication is taken as prescribed: Medication is essential after a surgical procedure or as part of a treatment plan. A mobile journal application is a great tool to ensure you take medication exactly as prescribed by your healthcare provider.
  • It helps you take actual dosage at prescribed intervals: When taking your medicine, it is essential to know the last dose taken and ensure accurate dosage of your medication. A mobile journal helps you achieve this goal with ease. You can easily trace your pass dosage used and track your health progression with each dosage as recommended by the doctor.
  • It helps track multiple medications: It sometimes happens that your health practitioner prescribes multiple medicines as part of a treatment plan. A mobile journal helps you to manage the usage of different medications at different time interval on schedule and as prescribed.
  • It helps track symptoms in conjunction with medication use: If you have a good tracking record of your medications in conjunction with level of pain or other symptoms will help reduce prescription use and can help transition to over-the-counter meds if appropriate. A mobile journal gives you the required data about your health to make various decisions on improving your health.


Journal 24×7 Features and Benefits

The benefits of Journal 24×7 to track medications use after a surgical procedure are extensive. Journal 24×7 provides a variety of helpful features to journal the use of medications after a surgical procedure or as part of a medical treatment plan:

  • Flexible form-based journal application: Provides the ability to customize a journal form that aligns with what you feel is important to track
  • Flexible medication list: A customized medication journal form can include a list of medications that have been prescribed to simplify the tracking experience
  • Medication information sharing and exporting: You can share and export journal entry data to a third party for analysis of the effectiveness of your treatment plan


Journal 24×7 Core Features Provided Free of Charge

Yes, Journal 24×7 provides the features to accomplish all this free of charge to track your pain medication use after a surgical procedure or in any treatment. Our mobile journal application enables users to journal and track proper administration of medication without missing your dose and aid quick recovery from ailments. To download the application to try yourself, please visit the our download page on the Google Play Store.


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