Track Your Golfing Improvements On Your Android Smartphone

May 18, 2019

Track Your Golfing Improvements On Your Android Smartphone

If you’re like most avid golf players, you’ve likely gone to great lengths to track and improve the progress of your swing over time. Clinics, tutorials, and regular golf outings are all surefire ways to improve your game steadily, but these efforts are for naught if you don’t have a simple and insightful way to track how you’ve performed over time. Paper scorecards are an excellent solution for keeping track of scoring for a single game, but they are far too easy to lose after you’ve finished up the 18th hole.

Instead of trying to keep track of numerous different paper scorecards, adopting a digital golf journal is a great way to follow your golfing performance over time. Digital journals are an innovative new type of Android smartphone application that allows you to take notes on anything you’re interested in remembering. Best of all, a digital journal is nearly impossible to lose, as it is kept safely within your Android smartphone or tablet.

While taking simple notes during your golf game may seem to be a bit tedious, a few quick notes on how your long game is improving or ways to improve your putting technique can go a long way towards helping you to become the best golfer possible. Popular digital journal applications like Flexible Journal even come with journal forms custom-built for the needs of competitive golf players - which means that you can spend less time worrying about how to format your journal entries and spend more time focusing on ways to improve your overall game.

Digital journals allow you to share your golf scores with others via Google Drive seamlessly. This feature is especially valuable for those looking to share progress with their coaches and friends. Best of all, the ability to track how you are playing on a hole-by-hole basis can provide you with valuable insights.

For example, if you have access to the last ten golf games that you have played with friends, analyzing your hole-by-hole performance can help you determine which parts of your game might require some extra practice. Notes taken at the end of each hole can provide better context to your performance, and help you to determine whether you should focus on the physical or mental aspects of your golf game before your next outing.

If you feel that a digital golf journal could be the type of tool that can help you to perform at your very best as a golf player, we invite you to check out Flexible Journal. Available today on the Google Play Store, this feature-packed digital journal application can help you start tracking your golf game over time. Before heading out for your next tee time, make sure to download Flexible Journal on your favorite Android smartphone or tablet. After all, the most effective golfers are those that know the ins-and-outs of their own game and understand just how much they are improving over time.

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