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The Problem – Multiple Business Time Apps

Many individuals work in a job that requires them to keep track of a business activity. Whether you’re a lawyer needing to track time with a client, a driver that needs to keep track of miles driven, a blogger that needs to maintain a travel journal, or a sales person needing to maintain a phone log – there is probably an an application out there to suit your needs. However, in many cases individuals may need to manage their time by tracking many activities. It is in this area that many single activity journal applications fall short. In contrast the Flexible Journal has you cover by providing a one-stop-shop for meeting all your business (and personal) time logging needs. The Solution – Mileage Log, Phone Log, Travel Journal and More in One Application

Flexible Journal was built from the ground up to deliver a journal writing experience different than most all other mobile journal applications. Unlike other applications that only provide the ability to log just a single aspect of a working day – Flexible Journal provides the ability to capture all work activities in a single mobile journal application. Using out-of-the-box journal types, a user can quickly enter, find, and manage:
• Time Cards: Need to record your hours worked. Flexible Journal enables entry of a time card quickly and easily
• Mileage Logs: Great for folks that need to track mileage for work or charity
• Phone Logs: Great for keeping track of important phone calls

Time Management and Travel Journal Features

To assist with your time tracking and travel journal needs, Flexible Journal also provides the following features:
• Location Awareness: very helpful to remember where you were when you logged a time based activity
• Export: Flexible Journal provides the ability to export specific journal entries to a file so that it can be used by other applications (e.g. spreadsheet, billing software, etc.)
• Flexible Search: Flexible Journal delivers unrivaled journal search and filters to quickly find time management journal entries of interest
List, Map, and Calendar Views: enables users to view journal entries in multiple convenient ways
• Journal Segments: enables additional time and location segments added to a journal that helps maintain one or more time and location markers for a specific work activity (e.g. mileage and time markers along the path of a business trip)

Improve Productivity with a 5 Minute Journal

Many time management consultants and psychologists have latched onto a concept that can greatly help one’s work productivity and mental health – called the 5 minute journal. The foundational principle is that individuals that take 5 minutes out of there day to write a journal will develop a focus in life that might otherwise not exist. On the time management front a 5 minute journal helps to quickly record areas of one’s work life that could be improved and specific goals moving forward. Flexible Journal allows users to customize what information their 5 minute journal is designed to capture. And, because the application can support many journal forms – users can have a 5 minute journal specific to work life and another one specific to personal life.

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