Spring Update: New fields, and more

There’s a lot of new features coming to Flexible Journal in update 3.0. Here are the most noticeable features and improvements you’ll find:


Drawing field

You can now use a drawing field to make small drawings in your entries. Drawing field has more uses too such as being able to get signatures and to use it for free writing

Drawing field


Mood field

There’s now a mood field option you can check inside the rating field. This lets you pick what mood you’re feeling in your entry

Mood field


Landscape support

A popular request from users – you can now use the app in landscape mode. Great for tablets


Download forms off the internet

You can now host and download forms off the internet. To download a form just enter in the URL of a hosted form. Downloads can be found in the import-export menu in the settings. To host a form just export a form or multiple forms from the export settings. Then download the file from your Google Drive and put host the JSON file on your website where anyone can download it from


And more

You may also see a lot of improvements on the UI. Thank you for continuing to use Flexible Journal