3 Ways to Share your Journal Entries

Way 1: Sharing a single journal entry

Sharing a journal entry

Sharing a single journal entry is easy. Simply go to the journal entry’s details page and tap the share icon. This will allow you to share it via email or social media. This is great for special entries that you want to showoff or share

Way 2: Creating a spreadsheet with CSV files

Export and importing journal entries

The export and import options for journal entries can be found in the settings. To get to the settings tap the gear icon in the bottom navigation bar. From here you can create a CSV file from all your journal entries. This will include all your entries that are not filtered out. CSV files are great for creating spreadsheets and can be used to easily see all the information you have recorded across all your journal entries. A great use for this is if you track your mileage logs you can use the filters to get all your logs for the month and then create a spreadsheet to view them all

Way 3: Exporting your journal entries

From the same menu you can also export and import your journal entries. This will also only include journals that are filtered. This is perfect if you want to share your journal entries with the world. Simply export them to Google Drive and then share the uploaded file with the people you want to. They can then simply import them and have all the entries you’ve created

Congratulations you now know 3 ways you can share your entries with the world

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