Export Entries

How to export entries

To export your entries tap the 'more options' menu in the list view and select 'Settings' then scroll down and choose 'Import & export'. Then tap 'Export' and tap 'Entries' if you want to export your entries or 'Forms' if you want to export your prompts. Exported entries and forms are saved as JSON files that can easily be imported by you or anyone else 

How to save entries as spreadsheets

You can also save your entries as a spreadsheet, text file or pdf. To export your entries as a spreadsheet choose the 'CSV' option in the export dialog. Choose 'To app' to send the csv file to another app such as Google Spreadsheets or 'To storage' to save the file somewhere else. You can also filter what entries you want to export by applying a filter

How to share entries

To share an entry go to view it and then tap the 'more options' menu and choose 'Share'. Then choose what app you want to share it to. Shared entries are just your entries saved as text. You can also save your entry as a PDF by choosing the 'PDF' option
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