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How to host and download forms

Learn how to host forms on websites or download them. Share your forms with the community and your friends


Hosting a form

If you want to upload a form so the world can download it then follow these steps:


1. Get the export file

First off you’ll need an export file of your form. To get this go to Setting > Import & export > Export > Forms

Then select the forms you wish to export. After your file is saved to Google Drive, go to that file and download it onto your computer


2. Hosting the export file

Now all you need to do is put the file where users can find it. If you want to just share it with a few friends you can hit the share button in Google Drive and share the file with friends like that. Then just tell them to use the Import feature to download the forms easily. If you want to share it with the whole world you should upload the file to your website or a file hosting site


Uploading your export file to your website

For example, the bird watching form is hosted on the Journal 24×7 website. As you can see it’s just a JSON file. All you need to do is put the file in your website’s directory using a file manager. Here’s an export file hosted on our website¬† watching.json


Downloading a form

Once you know the URL of a hosted form you can then download it. Just copy the URL of the file then enter it into the download menu. To get to the download menu go to Settings > Import & export > Download. For example, enter in the bird watching URL above to download the bird watching form


And that’s it, your form is now public to the world


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