Download Prompts

How to download prompts

To download a prompt go to the prompt selector and tap the 'more options' menu then choose 'Download forms'. In the download dialog you can tap the download icon to download a recommended prompt such as 'Bird Watching' from our website. You can also download user uploaded forms by entering in their form code and tapping 'Download'

How to upload prompts

To upload prompts to share scroll down in the download dialog and tap the 'upload' icon. Then choose what prompts you want to share and get a code to share it with anyone who enters it in

How to host prompts on the internet

You can also host a prompt on the internet or your own website. Just save the export json file somewhere that can be accessed by a url such as watching.json. Then enter the url into the 'Form URL' field in the download dialog an tap 'download'
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