Add Segments

What is a segment?

A segment lets you create a repeatable entry inside another entry. For example, if you have a prompt that tracks golf course scores you could use segments for each course instead of writing new entries. So if the prompt had four fields for each players score, you could add a new segment to the bottom of your journal entry with another additional four scores as many times as you need for each course. This lets you repeat your prompts while keeping them in one entry

How to add a segment

To add a segment to your entry simply go to an entry and tap the + icon in the menu. This will let you write another entry which will be added to the bottom of your entry. You can add tags, locations and everything you could in a normal entry to a segment

How to edit and delete segments

To edit or delete a segment tap the 'more options' menu on it and then choose which option you want. Deleting an entry will also delete all of it's segments
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