Create a List in 2 Simple Steps with Segments

Step 1: Add a segment

Creating a journal entry list

Tap the plus icon in a journal entry’s details page to begin creating a list. This will allows you to create a new segment. Segments are journal entries that get added inside of a journal entry. You can add as many segments as you wish

Step 2: Fill out your segment

Segment list options

Segments are the same as journal entries except they have more options and can’t be rated. Segments may also record their own locations on the map. If you want to see the date of when the segment was added then enable the include date toggle. You may also choose to enable the sequential number toggle which will display the list number of a segment

Manage your segments

Edit a segment

To edit or delete segments you have created simply tap the edit icon. This will allow you to edit the base journal or it’s segments. Choose to edit segments and it will open the segment manager for you

Congratulations you now know how to create your own lists. Lists have many uses such as recording multiple events in a single entry, or tracking many locations. These will help you stay organized and allow you to add information to your journal entries easily

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