Preview of what’s coming to Journal 24×7

Both new and remastered features are coming in this newest update. Here is what to expect

Easier entry writing

Entry preview

A simpler entry page is coming with a few new features:

  1. The date and time of your entry is now shown in the heading so you can easily edit them
  2. Your entries will now properly reload themselves if you decide to leave them and come back later to finish writing
  3. You won’t be asked to enable your location permission from now on unless you specifically toggle the “Include location” switch

Cleaner entry details page

Detail preview

The details page has been reworked to make it cleaner and more functional too. Here are a few of the new features added:

  1. You can now delete your entry from inside the details page
  2. You can now delete segments easily from their new menus
  3. A better design that reduces clutter

Better organization

You can now add, delete, and edit categories while organizing your forms so you don’t need to go back and forth from the category editor and the form editor


Stay notified with writing reminders

Notification preview

Writing reminders is a new feature that lets you pick the time and days that you want to write at. Theses can help you remember to jot down those important entries on time


Premium features coming

All new premium features are coming with this update. Premium features include creating themes, and picking fonts to customize the appearance of your journal. More information will be released on premium and what you can do with it soon.  All premium features introduced in the newest update are cosmetic and you will still be able to use all the features you love. You can read more about Premium features here