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From everyday business documents to books large and small, it appears that the future of documents is digital. While this transition isn’t all bad – as the days of having to lug around numerous physical books with you is a thing of the past – we are at risk of losing some valuable habits during this shift. Specifically, the habit of journaling appears to be at risk. Those searching for a daily digital journal alternative to bulky physical journals will be happy to hear that numerous different applications have been developed to bring this tried and true organizational habit into the modern era

What is a Digital Journal?

Similar to their physical counterparts, digital journal applications are quickly starting to become an invaluable resource for those looking to transition into digital note-taking. Digital journals provide numerous different benefits for users from all walks of life, with the most notable advantages being:

1. Digital journals offer a place for individuals to capture the most important things about their experiences. While different individuals place different levels of importance on specific events and involvements, having access to an instant and digital form of journaling allows for increased convenience and organization for every individual who uses these applications in their everyday lives

2. The beauty of journals has always been their versatility. Whether it be for travel, health, recreation, business, or a safe place to vent everyday frustrations, journals have always proven to be an invaluable resource to those who choose to leverage them. Digital journal applications have managed to extend this versatility into the modern age, as now everyone can keep their beloved journal in the palm of their hand at all times

3. In a world dominated by social media, each of us is quickly becoming the curators of our brand. As such, putting some thought into the content that we choose to broadcast to the world can be a useful habit to develop. Digital journal applications have proven to be an excellent tool for this task, as they allow individuals to note different posts that they may want to share on social media in an easy-to-access manner

How Could I Benefit From Using a Digital Journal?

As many of us can attest to from personal experience, journals are only as effective as our ability to quickly find entries of interest. With this reality in mind, digital journals provide the innovative benefit of making highly unorganized written journals a thing of the past. Digitized documents have been proven to be far easier to search through, share with others, and keep track of documents and notes for personal and business purposes alike. Additional benefits of digital journals in one’s everyday life include:

1. Improved “personal memory” of critical past events – While paper notes recorded during family vacations or after important functions are certainly valuable, they are notoriously easy to misplace, not to mention search throughout for a record of your fantastic trip to the mountains. The search tools provided by digital journals can prove invaluable in such situations, allowing for nearly instantaneous access to written memories of past events

2. Improved personal health and wellness – The ability to track relevant activities, such as diet and exercise, can help individuals to get a better grasp on their health. More often than not, healthy people are far happier than their unhealthy counterparts. More importantly, the ability to track fitness and health-related activities over time can allow individuals to self-audit their health at regular intervals, which can provide valuable insights in the long run.

3. Higher levels of engagement and communication – Digital documents are shareable documents. With this belief in mind, digital journals can increase the rate at which we share information, whether it be over text message, Facebook, or email. Over time, this can lead to a stronger culture of communication, which can only benefit our society in the long run

What Should I Look For in a Digital Journal Solution?

Numerous different features make each journal solution unique. When looking for the right digital journal solution for yourself or your loved ones, keep these features in mind:

1. The ability to journal anything, whether it be a picture of a physical document or a quick checklist to be referenced at a later date

2. A good journal app should be able to work regardless of whether or not it is connected to the internet. As you won’t always have access to Wi-Fi, this is a fundamental feature to consider

3. Customization features (like the ability to personalize one’s digital journal) can lead to a stronger sense of personal identity, and by extension, personal confidence

4. A digital locking mechanism, such as a required PIN, as personal privacy is an important consideration

5. Most importantly, the ability to selectively share journals should be considered, as not all information that you will journal will be suitable for internet-wide circulation

Introducing the Digital Journal Solution

Here at Flexible Journal, we have taken all of the features outlined above into consideration, and are proud to share with you our Flexible Journal Digital Journal Solution, suitable for individuals and businesses alike. To separate our innovative digital journal solution from our competitors, we have included the following exciting features:

1. Increased Flexibility – a form-based approach provides users the ability to effortlessly customize the journaling of multiple activities

2. Our intuitive user interface makes it easier than ever to create, find, and share prompts

3. Advanced features include PIN lock, automated backups, and unique journal themes

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