New theme and icons added in update 3.3

New themes, fonts, accent colors, and icons are coming in the next update


New Azure theme

A new background color is being added called Azure. It’s a new variant of the dark theme that offers dark deep blue tones. So if you like the dark color that’s easier on the eyes, you might want to check out the newer dark blue background-color

Azure theme


3 More accent colors

Additionally, 3 new accent color options are being added and they’re all dark too. There aren’t many existing dark accent colors and the ones that exist are mostly just shades of grey and black. So if you like the darker tones, but want to add a bit of color to your journal then dark blue, dark yellow, and dark green might work for your journal theme


25 New icons

If you had an idea for a form, but couldn’t find the perfect icon for it then you might be in luck. We added 25 new icons including mirrors, dragons, shovels, volcanoes. trains, pandas, cake, and much more


Location finding changes

In order to save your battery from now on if you’re connected to Wi-Fi then your location will be found using the network. This change just involves the map view so you don’t need to worry about losing accuracy in your journal entries. This should reduce the drain on your battery when using the map view


Lastly, a new geometric font was added. Be sure to check it out when you get the time. If you have any feature suggestions please tell us on our feedback page. Thanks