The Map

How to Navigate the Map

Getting to the map

The map can be found by tapping the map icon on the bottom navigation bar. Here are two features that will help you navigate the map with ease

Adding custom locations

Setting a custom location

You can add custom locations for areas that you want to look at often. These are also helpful if you have entries that take place in these locations often. To create a custom location simply tap the location edit icon. This will bring up the location manager. From here you can easily add new locations and edit existing locations. This is also great if you want to use a distance filter from a remote location. Changing your location will also change how distance is filtered. To select a location after adding it simply tap it in the list

Finding your current location

Finding your current location on the map

You may need to go back to your current location. To do this simply tap the current location icon. This will bring the map to focus on your location. It will also change your location which will affect any filters you have set that are based on location

Congratulations you now know how to navigate the map. The map is great for seeing where your entries are located at

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