Make a spreadsheet out of your entries

Make a Spreadsheet

Learn how to make a spreadsheet out of your entries with the Flexible Journal application

To make a spreadsheet out of your entries follow these steps:


1. Go to settings and click ‘Import & export’. Then click the ‘Spreadsheet’ option


2. After clicking ‘Export’ a menu will come up asking where you want to export your spreadsheet to


3. If Google Drive isn’t downloaded onto your smartphone, then download it. You can share your spreadsheet to whichever application you wish, but for this example we will be using Google Drive


4. If Google Drive is downloaded then click ‘Save to Drive’ in the menu


5. After saving it to your drive go to Google Sheets (


6. Add a blank spreadsheet in Google Sheets then go to ‘file’ and import the file you just saved



You’re now finished importing your spreadsheet. You can do a lot with your entries such as making a graph and getting averages in Google Sheets.
This works with all spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel as well

Short explanation:
Go to the ‘Import & export’ menu in the Settings. Click ‘Spreadsheet’ and save your spreadsheet file to Google Drive or wherever you want. Afterwards open Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel and import your file

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