Log Your Biking Workouts on Your Phone to Measure Performance

May 20, 2019

Log Your Biking Workouts on Your Phone to Measure Performance

The sport of cycling has come a long way since its humble start. What was once a new and exciting form of transportation for those who could afford it has transformed into one of the most popular athletic activities over the last century. Whether you are a novice biker or a competitive endurance athlete, biking is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy the world around you in a truly unique way.

As biking has grown as a hobby in the past decades, so too has the competitive nature of the sport. Not only has biking become more popular, but it has also become more competitive than ever. Going out for a leisurely ride is a great way to de-stress after a long day at the office, but what if you’re more interested in becoming the best mountain biker or road cyclist you can be? For those of us that have this sort of competitive streak, tracking one’s performance over time is an integral part of becoming faster on two wheels.

Even though there are now literally dozens of smartphone applications created for biking, few of them can provide robust yet straightforward functionalities. Worst of all, dedicated athletes can quickly bog down their Android smartphone or tablet with many different athletic-minded applications that they barely use, aside from one or two exercise tracking features.

Luckily, digital journals provide a sleek and effective solution to this problem. Instead of having to keep track of numerous different workout applications, biking athletes can instead use one digital journal application to track their rides and cross-training workouts. This intuitive solution can not only help athletes keep track of how their overall speed is improving over time, but also allows them to track how their weight training, running, and other cross-training exercises are improving as well.

The adoption of a daily journal can help users gain insight into their lives in a holistic manner. This is especially true for competitive cycling athletes, who are often seeking to attain the best shape of their life in an effort to leave their competitors in the dust. Digital journal applications are the perfect solution for such intense athletic training, as their built-in biking and workout forms allow for entire training plans to be tracked in one app.

If you think that using a smartphone application could be a great way to track the distances and times that you’ve biked as a part of your training, then we suggest checking out our dynamic digital journal solution, Flexible Journal. This exciting digital bike journaling solution is available today on the Google Play Store for free download on your Android tablet or smartphone. With digital journal forms that have been custom-built with athletes in mind, we are sure that they can help you bring your game to the next level as you look to continually improve your athletic performance.

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