Edit Prompts

How to edit prompts

To edit or delete a prompt go to the prompt selector and tap the edit icon to open the prompt editor. In the prompt editor you can edit, delete, hide, and categorize all of your prompts. To edit a prompt tap the 'more options menu' of a prompt and choose 'edit'

How to delete prompts

In the prompt editor tap the 'delete' icon of what prompts you want to delete. Then tap the checkmark to save and delete the selected prompts. When deleting a prompt you can choose if you want to delete all the entries written from that prompt or to keep them

How to hide prompts

To hide a prompt tap the 'visibility' icon of what prompts you want to hide. Hidden prompts and their entries will not show up in your journal or exports until you unhide them

How to categorize prompts

To categorize your prompts tap the folder icon and choose which category you want your prompt to be in. You can also create new categories and rearrange them in the order you want
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