Form Manager

Mastering the Form Manager

Getting to the form manager

Type selector menu

To get to the journal manager go the the type selector page. In the menu for the type selector tap the edit icon. Then choose the journals option. This will bring up the journal manager

The journal manager

Journal manager explained

Here are four features that you can take advantage of in the journal manager

Feature 1: Hiding forms

If you want to hide a form from sight then tap the hide button. You can then revert this by tapping show when you want to see it again. Hiding is great for temporarily getting rid of forms that you don’t want to see, but without completely getting rid of them since you may need them in the future

Feature 2: Deleting forms

If you know you don’t want a form anymore then you can tap it’s trash icon to delete it. Deletions will only take place when you tap save. You can delete multiple forms at once. This is great for getting rid of the forms that you don’t use. Deleting a form will also delete all of the entries related to it

Feature 3: Editing a form

To edit a form all you need to do is tap it’s edit icon. This will open the form builder for you which lets you rearrange, delete, add, and edit all the fields in a form. This is perfect if you have a form you love, but want to change it a bit

Feature 4: Categorizing forms

If you want to change a forms category then tap the categorize button. This will allow you to select a category for it to be placed in

Congratulations you now have mastered the form manager. Make sure to tap save when you’re done making all your changes

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