Flexible Journal Update 3.2.9

July 15, 2020

Flexible Journal Update 3.2.9


The latest update adds a few new changes. Thanks to all the users who suggested some of these features:

  1. When you pick a form from the journal widget it now flows into a new entry, making it easier to write by choosing different forms
  2. Updated the time field so it's now a dropdown where you can choose to pick a time from a clock
  3. You can now reorder categories however you want by dragging them in the category list
  4. Added an 'Or' condition to logical conditions in the field options. This lets you set multiple conditions such as only show a field when the text is 'A' or 'B'
  5. Added some ads after some actions like saving a pdf or exporting a spreadsheet
  6. Added GDPR consent in order to show ads

Thanks, if you have a suggestion or feedback please email us at admin@journal24x7.com

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