Flexible Journal Update 2.6

March 5, 2018

Flexible Journal Update 2.6

Flexible Journal version 2.6 is full of exciting new features, here is a quick summary of what's to come

Tag Your Entries

Tags let you better define and remember your entries. Create tags and pick colors for them to easily customize all of your entries

Entry with tags

Easier Form Building

An improved form builder with a cleaner design and new features:

  • 100+ new icons
  • Assign forms to categories at creation
  • Limitless additions to your checklists
  • Drag and drop field sorting

Better form builder

Improved Entry Filtering

A drastically improved filter with many new features:

  • Search entries using keywords
  • Filter entries by tags
  • An improved distance filter

Distance filter

And Your Feedback

Many of the features added were suggested by the community. A few of them are:

  • Support for the metric system
  • Support for 24-hour clocks
  • New icons
  • Improved date range
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