Flexible Journal Fall Update

September 4, 2018

Flexible Journal Fall Update

Check out all of the new features coming to Flexible Journal this September

Bulk actions

You can now delete entries in bulk, and pick and choose what entries you want to share easily. To perform bulk actions just hold down on an entry for a few seconds and the bulk action bar will appear

Bulk actions

Improved date field

The date field now lets you pick from multiple formats, and display choices so that it better fits what you're writing about

New ranking field

A new ranking field has been added. You can use it to rank various items in your entries

Maximum check limit option

There is now an option in the checkbox field to limit how many boxes can be checked. To set the check limit simply go to the options menu when adding a checkbox field

Lock your journal with the new Pin Lock feature

Now available for Pro members is the Pin Lock feature. This feature lets you set a 4-digit pin that will be required to open your journal. This has been a highly requested feature that should help you protect your journal

Scheduled uploads now let you send emails, and pick which days to upload

You can now get your entries sent to you by email with scheduled uploads. This should help notify you when you're entries are uploaded, and provides an easier method to access your entries

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