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An Exciting New Journal Blogging Capability

We have learned that many of our users are active bloggers. As such, we’ve learned that bloggers like to journal a broad range of things and then post the best of the best they’ve written. Makes perfect sense and we’re excited about the prospects. With our most recent release (Journal24x7 v2.5) users can now publish journal entries on their personal WordPress blog via a combination of the Journal24x7 “Share” feature and the WordPress for Android mobile application.  This blog article tells you how to do this in 5 easy steps.

1. Install Journal24x7 Mobile Journal Application on Your Android Device

Just like installing all other applications. Available on Google Play Store.

2. Install WordPress for Android Mobile Application

Just like installing all other applications. Available on Google Play Store.

3. Journal Important Life Moments Using Journal24x7

Journal many life activities using one of our out-of-the-box journal forms. Or build your own for any other activity. Feel free to browse our help page to learn how.

4. Share via WordPress Blog

When viewing your journal entry, just select the “Share” button (left pointing arrow in upper right corner). Select to share via “WordPress”. Enter the details of your WordPress blog (i.e. either the login details for blogs hosted on or the link to enter the URL for your hosted WordPress blog). And select “Publish” in the WordPress application. This will publish your Journal Entry (text only, without any formatting) on WordPress

5. Edit and Marvel at Your Blog Post

Either using the WordPress administrator interface in a browser or the WordPress mobile application. Here’s a journal entry we captured, published, and edited as an example.

Fishing Off Ogunquit on the Bunny Clark – AMAZING

Rating: 5.0 (did I say amazing – great captain – great deck hands – great experience)

Experience: Nice half day of fishing. In Ogunquit on bunny Clark charter
Fish caught: Haddock (5 keepers), one really ugly fish (but they say is good eating)
Weight: 2.5-4 lbs
Bait: Clams, colored jig added to hook

Notes: I do think the jig made a difference. I had one caught more fish than folks around me. Although, I think I may be more experienced than they were sensing a bite.

Entry located at:,-70.2446788,100m/data=!3m1!1e3

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