Flexible Journal Summer Update

July 12, 2018

Flexible Journal Summer Update

A lot of new and improved features are coming to Flexible Journal this summer.  So let's dive into update 2.8 by starting off with a community suggested feature

Remember Summer with more photos

We noticed your feedback and introduced 2 improvements to photos:

  1. You can now take your own photos while using Flexible Journal instead of just being able to pick photos
  2. We increased the photo limit from 5 to 100 pictures so you can snap tons of photos for your entries

See your rating, photos, tags, and more in the list

Additionally, you can now easily get an idea of what's attached to your entry, such as photos, tags, location, and rating by looking at the footer of your entry

More fields to play with for your forms

We added 2 new fields you can use to write entries with:

  1. Rating Bar
  2. Email Address

More options for your forms

You may not need a rating or location for a certain form you've got. Now you've got the power to exclude the rating bar, location, tags, and more from forms. Simply edit the form and hit the "Options" item to pick what you want in your form

Better spreadsheets

We improved the CSV file export so your spreadsheets are neater and more organized. Now instead of using name value pairs, spreadsheets are organized with headers and columns. This makes it easier to read and play with the data you collect

Automatically Backup your Journal

We added automatic backups to Writer's Premium. You can now make it so that your backups are done automatically to Google Drive

Scheduled Uploads

The second new feature added to Writer's Premium. Scheduled uploads let you export your entries to CSV, JSON, and text on a regular schedule. Good if you use Journal 24x7 to collect important information such as mileage and need to record it daily

Bug fixes and beyond

We fixed a lot of bugs such as entries going missing, and not being able to filter exports. Additionally, there are a lot of UI improvements. Thanks for your bug reports to help make Flexible Journal run better

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