Journal 24×7 Premium Features

Journal 24×7 update 2.7 is introducing an exciting new subscription plan called Premium. Here is a peek into what Premium will offer

Design a theme

Journal 24×7 is designed to give you the most customization options that we can. Premium expands on this by letting you customize the appearance of your journal now too. You can design a theme by picker the primary color, background color, and accent color of your journal. The primary color (traditionally blue) affects mostly the toolbar color. The background color (traditionally white) affects what the background is for your journal.  The accent color (traditionally pink) affects the color of all highlighted controls, and buttons

Set the font

In addition to setting the theme you can set the font of your journal too with Premium

Theme examples

It is easier to show you what themes and fonts do so here are just a few examples of what you can create. To see all the available fonts and themes go to settings and tap Font or Theme once 2.7 is released

Theme example 1

Theme example 3

Theme example 3

Theme example 4


There are many different themes you can create. You can get Premium for $1 a month, or get started with a free week of Premium. Thanks for supporting Journal 24×7 and helping us grow