Benefit of Using Flexible Journal for Pet Sitting Reports

June 7, 2017

Benefit of Using Flexible Journal for Pet Sitting Reports

The flexibility of the Flexible Journal mobile journal app, via a “custom journal type” can be beneficial to a wide array of small businesses to perform repetitive “book-keeping” activities with a mobile workforce. One type of business that can quickly gain value from a customized journal type is a pet sitting or dog walking service. Most clients that subscribe to a pet sitting service value a timely visit status report from the provider after a completed visit. Many pet sitting and pet walking services leave a handwritten note, which unfortunately can cause anxiety with pet owners because they don’t know what transpired during a pet sitting visit until they return home. Some petting services rely on text messages to provide updates – but unfortunately, this comes up short with many pet owners because the updates lack the level of detail most pet owners would like to see. One alternative for a pet sitting service is using the Flexible Journal Android application to log and share specific information about a pet sitting visit, with a greater level of depth, flexibility, and consistency of the information recorded

Flexible Journal Is Easily Customized to Log and Share Pet Sitting Visit Status to Clients

There are several benefits a pet sitting service can gain when using the Flexible Journal mobile journal app to capture and share a visit log of a pet sitting session. First, the structured data recorded in a visit report can be easily customized to align with information relevant to services a pet sitting business provides. For example, some dog walking services provide additional services like taking in the mail or watering the plants. Via a customized, and easily created or modified, journal type, by any user of the Flexible Journal application, a pet sitting business can ensure that all relevant recorded visit information is shared with the pet owner when appropriate. Second, the Flexible Journal app provides powerful data logging (or form “field”) features that help make the task of writing visit reports very efficient for the staff of the pet sitting service. For example, journals can be customized to have specific “auto-fill” lists that can be pre-populated with repetitive or business-oriented information like client names, pet names, pet food items, etc. When auto-fill lists are in place with this type of information - the time required to enter a client visit report is reduced significantly. And finally, the ability of the Flexible Journal application to “share” a journal entry with others via email provides a convenient way for a pet sitting service team member to quickly share timely updates about a home visit with the pet owners

Example Custom Prompt for Pet Sitting Service Client Report

Custom Journal Type for Pet Sitting Service

There are multiple considerations a pet sitting service might want to customize and record in a Flexible Journal site visit journal entry. For example, a visit report might include things like an overall visit summary, the pet(s) visited  (selected from an auto-fill list),  the exercise activities performed with the pet (also selected from an autofill list), and the length of time spent exercising. And – Flexible Journal can capture the most important thing every pet owner wants to know – did they go? To build this custom journal requires choosing the most appropriate journal fields, and the order of the fields in the journal type. The image attached to this article shows a snapshot of a custom journal that would provide for the capture of this information

Pet Sitting Services Can Utilize Flexible Journal Free of Charge

Example Journal Entry For Pet Sitting Service

The makers of the Flexible Journal mobile journal app are always looking to work with small businesses to explore solving unique problems of collecting structured data from a mobile workforce. Pet sitting businesses that are interested in using Flexible Journal to collect and share pet visit reports with clients can download and try the free version of Flexible Journal available on Google Play. Pet sitting services that are interested in using Flexible Journal to record and share trip visits across a team of pet sitters can contact us using our feedback form to learn how the app can be used to synchronize and share information across multiple mobile devices

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