Journal 24×7 1.0 Now Available

We are glad to announce that Journal 24×7™ will be available on June 20, 2016. Journal 24×7 is an innovative new app for Android which lets you create your own personal journal.

Journal 24×7 is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded here.

Core to Journal 24×7 is location awareness and robust journal searching – so that important memories are quickly captured, found and remembered.

With a broad array of out-of-the-box journal types Journal 24×7 provides the ability to capture a wide range of life activities (versus many other journal applications that focus on recording just one aspect of life).

Whether you want to remember a great meal, a bad travel experience, a very personal moment, or something more routine, Journal 24×7 provides the ability to quickly enter, find, and remember many important aspects of life.

The Journal 24×7 private journal helps you remember a broad range of journal categories including:
• Food & Beverage (e.g. Restaurant Journal, Beer Journal, Wine Journal)
• Recreation (e.g. Fishing Journal, Activity Journal)
• Personal (e.g. Diet Journal, Dream Journal, Workout Journal, Todo Tasks)
• Work (e.g. Time Card Journal)
• And, much more

Journal 24×7 takes keeping a private journal to a new level with the following benefits:
• Location awareness
• Easy to use and intuitive user interface
• Ability to attach pictures
• Free and ad-free
• Ability to share memories with others

Unlike intrusive social media sites, Journal 24×7 allows you to keep private moments private, unless you decide to share them with others. Get started remembering life’s moments today


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