How to Journal Your Travels on Your Android Device

May 22, 2019

How to Journal Your Travels on Your Android Device

As anyone who has been bitten by the wanderlust bug is aware, keeping a living travel journal can allow you to collect important accounts of your favorite travel memories. While travel journaling using a traditional pen and paper is a tried-and-true method, having to keep track of your journals can be a hassle or even devastating - especially if you misplace your journal during your globetrotting adventures.

Alternatively, utilizing a daily journal app like Flexible Journal can allow you to keep a living travel journal on your Android device, ensuring that an accurate account of your previous trips is with you wherever you go. Our flexible journal solution empowers you to record your travels easily on your Android-powered smartphone or tablet. This can allow you to lighten your load and avoid having to carry a large paper journal around, which in turn will let you save both time and money throughout your journeys. Other notable benefits provided by the upkeep of a digitized and living travel journal include:

  • The ability to add geo-tag capabilities to your journal entries. Instead of merely writing down where you were at a particular time, our application allows you to see exactly where you were when an entry was recorded, thanks to our location-powered journaling feature.
  • Premade templates that can assist you in formulating your journal entries. Our custom-made Travel forms ensure that you are able to capture the most meaningful information surrounding your recent excursion. If you’d like to customize your travel journal experience, our pre-built forms can be easily tailored to fit your needs - ensuring that you are able to accurately record and remember the information that is important to you.
  • A peace of mind that can only be provided by a daily journal app. Instead of having to keep track of a physical journal, you can just record your experience on your smartphone and forget it.
  • The ability to keep a running travel log. For example, users who are on an extended adventure can make a travel journal entry every day, and have all their memories stored in one convenient form within their journal app.

There are numerous benefits for travelers like you who are interested in adopting the habit of keeping a living travel journal to supplement their travels. After all, the ability to easily pair your memories with an exact location and vivid description of the trip’s events can go a long way towards helping you share your amazing travel experiences with your friends, family, and your fellow travel enthusiasts. The adoption of a daily journal app can help you to become a better story-teller, thus assisting you in spreading the gift of wanderlust to numerous individuals who might also benefit significantly from undertaking their own travels.

If you are interested in adopting an Android-based live travel journal solution to assist you throughout your future journeys, we suggest that you check out our app listing on the Google Play Store. We wish you the best of luck as you pursue your adventures and safe traveling to all.

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