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Looking for a  Fishing Journal?

Are you an avid fisherman (or fisher-woman)? Want an easy way to remember that great fishing spot?  Want to prove to your fishing friends you actually caught that record big mouth bass? Do you need a flexible fishing journal to capture different types of fishing adventures? Then Journal 24×7 is for you.

Journal 24×7 is Unrivaled Among Fishing Apps

The Journal 24×7 journal application is a great way for fishermen to quickly enter, find, and remember any memorable fishing trips. Through the use of the Journal 24×7 mobile application fishermen can easily track:

  • Information about the fish (e.g. type, color, bait, etc)
  • Who joined you on the fishing trip
  • Pictures of your fish & fishing party
  • Location of your fishing spots

Fishermen that use the application can quickly customize their journal to capture any information they want with an easy to use journal form manager. Whether you want a fly fishing journal, a deep see fishing journal, a lake fishing journal, a salt water fishing journal, or any or all of the above, Journal 24×7 can help remember your best fishing outings. In addition, you can easily share your success as a fisherman with others.

Using advanced journal features like segments, you can track multiple fishing locations within a single journal entry. With Facebook integration, you can quickly post a fishing journal entry on Facebook. Hard core fishing bloggers can quickly post fishing journal entries on their WordPress website.

Download Journal 24×7 today to remember your fishing adventures and much more.

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