Filter Entries

How to filter your entries

To filter you entries simply tap the filter icon. Filters let you search and find your entries easily. For example if you want to only see entries with the word 'happy' in them then add 'happy' as a keyword. If you want to only see entries within the last week you can choose the 'Last week' option on the date filter. There are a few different filters that can help you search your entries:
• Keywords
• Forms & tags
• Categories
• Rating
• Location
• Date

How to save filters

You can save your filters by tapping the 'more options' menu and selecting 'Save filters'. To load a filter you saved select the 'Set filters' option and choose the filter you want. You can save as many filters as you want. For example if you want to create a filter to only find book reviews that you rated 4+ stars you can save and it reuse it whenever you want to check your favorite book reviews again
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