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Top 3 Tips for Finding Important Journal Entries

Need to find that journal entry you made a month ago? No problem. Here are great tips to easily find what you are looking for

Tip 1: Search for them

Menu options to help find journals

Tapping the magnifying glass icon opens the search field. Using the search you can enter in words related to the journal entries you are searching for. For the best results try entering in the title, content, or form that you want to find. This is great for when you know what you’re searching for

Tip 2: Use a sort to change how you see them

If you want to sort your journal entries simply tap the filter icon which is to the right of the magnifying glass icon. Afterwards tap sort to get a set of sorting options you can choose from. This is better for when you’re not searching for a specific entry, but want to arrange them differently

Tip 3: Filter for better results

The filter options

Tap the filtering icon and choose the filter option to get a range of choices that let you refine the journal entries shown on the list. You can then set the distance, ratings, form, and date to find exactly the entries you want to. Once you are finished choosing you just need to tap apply to get the results. Filters allow you to find entries of a specific distance, rating, and more with ease

Congratulations you now know how to easily find the journal entries you want. You can use these tips to find journal entries on the map too

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