Start Tracking Your Workouts With A Digital Journal

May 12, 2019

Start Tracking Your Workouts With A Digital Journal

Weight lifting can provide a meaningful outlet that can help to boost the confidence and physical fitness of those who pursue it. As is the case with most athletic pursuits, the keys to becoming a strong weightlifter include consistency, dedication, and the ability to follow a strict training regimen day-in and day-out.  

Modern athletes who can master these traits now also have the benefit of the best physiological and nutritional science the world has ever known - allowing them to become the best faster than ever. Despite all of the advances surrounding training techniques, most athletes still utilize a pencil and paper to track their workout routines. This method is not only bulky and pesky but is inconvenient, to say the least.

If all other training techniques have entered the 21st century, doesn’t it make sense to adopt a digital workout journal as well? A digital workout journal is stored within an application on your Android device, which means that having to keep track of a physical workout journal during your sessions will be a thing of the past.

Digital workout journals are versatile, thanks in large part to the vast number of journal forms available. Better yet, if the pre-built journal forms included with the app don’t satisfy the needs of a workout routine, users can easily modify existing or create brand new journal types of tracking their weight training accomplishments.

While a paper workout journal is easy to lose or destroy, digital workout journals are kept on your favorite Android device - which means that forgetting your workout tracker on the way to the gym is almost guaranteed never to present a problem again.

Digital journals can also help athletes track all of their workouts in one place. Whether it be swimming, running, biking, or lifting weights, including a digital workout journal as a part of your fitness routine means that users will be able to clear their phone of those pesky workout applications that are only able to track one type of physical activity.

Best of all, digital workout journals allow athletes to track their progress over time easily. This means that you’ll be able to clearly see how you are getting stronger, which will allow for more intelligent workout planning and therefore more significant results. Overall, the physical workout journal can’t compete with the benefits that modern digital workout journals provide athletes.

For those athletes who are interested in bringing their workout tracking methods into the 21st century, a digital workout journal is a fantastic tool. To get started, we suggest looking into ways to work Flexible Journal into your workout routine. This new digital journal smartphone application can be found in the Google Play Store and is now available for download on Android smartphones and tablets.

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