How to Design a Form

Learn how to design a form in Journal 24×7


Getting started

You can add a form in the ‘Form Selector’ page. Tap the add button to get started. In the form setup dialog you can name, pick a category, and pick an icon for your form



Adding fields

Once you’ve finished setting your form up you need to add fields to it. Tap the add button on the bottom right to open the field adder dialog. There are many fields to pick from. Pick the field that you want and continue



Creating a field

Once you’ve picked a field make sure to give it a label. Labels are the question prompts you see during entry writing



Finish your form

When you’re all done tap the check mark button in the action bar. You can press down on a field to rearrange it by dragging it or tap the options menu on it to edit or delete it


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