Form Builder

How to Create the Perfect Form in 5 Steps

Learn how to create your own custom personal forms easily with Journal 24×7

Step 1: Getting to the form builder

Creating your own personal journal

Go to the type selector page and then tap the plus sign in the menu. Confirm you want to create a custom form and get started

Step 2: Personalizing your custom form

Personalize and name your journal

Name your form and choose a matching icon for it. Once you have finished that then simply tap next to continue

Step 3: Adding fields to your form

Add fields to your journal

Fields allow you to enter information into your forms. There are many fields to choose from. Text is the most basic field which lets you enter in text to your form. You can add many more fields including sliders and multiple choice questions. Tapping the plus button will allow you to add a new field to your form. You can add as many fields as you want

Step 4: Customize the field

Editing journal fields

In this example a text field is being created. Set the entry label to question you want the field to ask and then set the style for it. Display labels can be set also to change the label’s text in the entry’s details

Edit journal field options

Check the title checkbox if you want the field to be the title for entries you create. The title is shown at the top of the journal entry details and on journal entries shown in the list

Editing a journal field

Step 5: Tap finish

Finishing creating your journal

Congratulations you now have your own custom form. You can now create as many entries as you want using it

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