Create Prompts

How to create a prompt

To create a prompt go to the prompt selector and tap the + icon. First you have to name and select an icon for your prompt. For example you could create a 'Gratitude' prompt with an icon of a waterfall. After you name your prompt tap 'next' in the menu

How to add fields to a prompt

After naming your prompt you have to add fields to it. To add a field tap the + button. There you can choose from many fields such as 'Short text', or 'Mood'. Basic fields like 'Short text' let you add simple text fields to your prompt. For example you could add a 'Short text' field and set the 'Question' to 'What am I grateful for today?' so that everyday when you use your gratitude prompt you can answer this question. Then you can add a 'Mood' field with the question 'How am I feeling today?'. Some fields like sliders have special attributes such as 'Unit' that you can set to add units to your slider. Fields like 'Dropdown List' require a list to be set. There are also decorative fields such as 'Title' and 'Image'

How to set field options

To set the field options tap the 'more options' menu and tap 'Options' when creating a field. Options vary from field to field, but you can usually set special options such as 'Capitalization' and 'Hide in segments'. You can also set conditional logic for fields such as 'Checklist'

How to reorder and edit fields

To reorder fields just hold down and drag them up or down. You can also edit a field by tapping it's 'more options' menu and choosing 'Edit' to edit or 'Delete' to delete it. To delete a field quickly you can swipe it left

How to save a prompt

Once your prompt is finished tap the checkmark icon in the top menu to save it. After saving a prompt it will show up in what category you set it to, or if you didn't categorize your prompt then it will show up in a new category called 'New'
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