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The Flexible Journal team is dedicated to helping individuals affected by Covid-19 around the world. Information on resources to help individuals improve their ability to contact trace themselves is provided below

Out-of-the-box Contact Tracing Form Flexible Journal provides a simple contact tracing template for individuals to keep track of the businesses and individuals they interact with. The template can be easily customized to align with what aspects of an interaction you want to track. To learn more read the article below
Improved Contact Tracing Capabilities Flexible Journal has numerous capabilities that are well suited for individual contact tracing. To learn more read the article below

Flexible Journal For Individual Contact Tracing

The worldwide covid-19 pandemic has left many anxious because interactions with an infectious person can result in an individual infection. To mitigate covid outbreaks health agencies around the world are providing strict guidelines to individuals on how to protect themselves and others. In many jurisdictions, the guidelines must be followed or individuals risk getting fines for non-compliance, or worse, getting infected themselves. Besides the fundamentals of social distancing, reduced customer capacity, and mandatory mask usage, it is a good practice for individuals to keep track of interactions they have with other people. Whether the interaction is take out from a restaurant, a visit with family or friends, or a trip to the grocery store, tracking one’s personal interactions is prudent in the days of Covid. The Flexible Journal mobile app is well suited for individuals to contact trace themselves.

Out-of-the-box Contact Trace Form

To help individuals in their personal contact tracing efforts, Flexible Journal includes an out-of-the-box contact tracing template. The template helps collect important information about an interaction (e.g., name of person/place where the interaction took place, length of interaction, was the interaction inside/outside, etc.). The template provided can also be easily customized to align with unique contact tracing requirements for a specific individual. In addition, when location tracking is enabled, the Flexible Journal app records the location of where the interaction occurred

Doing the Right Thing When Asked

We hope everyone stays healthy during the Covid epidemic. Staying healthy requires following the recommendations of health professionals. And, engaging with professional contact tracing teams either after the risk of exposure has been flagged from their contact tracing process, or when you become infected yourself. Having a list of your interactions/contacts in either scenario will help accelerate the communication of potential exposure, to better protect others. Flexible Journal provides a great way to log all interactions where the risk of Covid exposure is a possibility.  In the end, we all have to do the right thing to beat the Covid virus

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This website has a number of resources to help users set up their own Flexible Journal. A few helpful tutorials can be found on the Flexible Journal Help page

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