Conditional Logic

What is conditional logic?

Conditional logic lets you only show a field when certain conditions are met. For example you could only show a text-field when a specific multiple-choice answered is selected. Such as if you have a multiple-choice field with the question 'did I go for a run today?' then you may only want to show the next text-field labeled ‘how far did I run?’ if the former field was answered 'yes'

How to add conditional logic to a field

You can add conditional logic in the field editor by tapping the 'more options' menu and selecting 'Options'. In the options dialog if the field has conditional logic available you can then set the logic. Just set what answer the field needs to match in order to show the next field. If you set conditional logic then the field below the field will be invisible until the right answer is inputted

How to use OR statements

To use OR statements either enter in || in the conditional logic value such as "A || B" or tap the 'OR' button. Conditional OR statements lets you use conditional logic for multiple values. Such as if you want the next field to show if either 'Yes' or 'No' is selected
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