Wine and Beer Connoisseurs – Don’t Forget – Journal It

It’s mind boggling the recent explosion of companies and hobbyists making and selling craft beers and specialty beverages. In 2016 alone – US craft beer sales were over $23B [1]. Similarly, home brewing and winemaking has had explosive growth over the last decade. Although having a drink or 2 with dinner is still commonplace – […]

Benefit of Using Journal 24×7 for Pet Sitting Visit Reports

The flexibility of the Journal 24×7 mobile journal application, via a “custom journal type,” can be beneficial to a wide array of small businesses to perform repetitive “book-keeping” activities with a mobile workforce. One type of business that can quickly gain value from a customized journal type is a pet sitting or dog walking service. […]

Announcing Journal 24×7 2.0

Nashua, NH, January 1, 2017. Tech Product Strategy, LLC announces release and general availability of Journal 24×7  v2.0, a major feature update for an innovative Android mobile private journal application. Tech Product Strategy is excited to announce the release of Journal 24×7 v2.0. This release adds multiple new and exciting mobile journal features. The application includes […]

Journal 24×7 1.0 Now Available

We are glad to announce that Journal 24×7™ will be available on June 20, 2016. Journal 24×7 is an innovative new app for Android which lets you create your own personal journal. Journal 24×7 is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded here. Core to Journal 24×7 is location awareness and robust […]
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