Journal 24×7 Version 2.6 Released

Journal 24×7 version 2.6 is full of exciting new features, here is a quick summary of what’s to come Tag Your Entries Tags let you better define and remember your entries. Create tags and pick colors for them to easily  customize all of your entries Easier Form Building An improved form builder with a cleaner […]

Add Checklists to your Flexible Journal

This new version introduces new sharing features and form fields to Journal 24×7 Three New Form Fields Customize your forms further with these three new form fields Dropdown List Checklist Date field More Sharing Options More ways to share your entries and forms Choose what you want to include in your CSV exports Choose what […]

Journal24x7 & WordPress

An Exciting New Journal Blogging Capability We have learned that many of our users are active bloggers. As such, we’ve learned that bloggers like to journal a broad range of things and then post the best of the best they’ve written. Makes perfect sense and we’re excited about the prospects. With our most recent release […]

Wine and Beer Connoisseurs – Don’t Forget – Journal It

It’s mind boggling the recent explosion of companies and hobbyists making and selling craft beers and specialty beverages. In 2016 alone – US craft beer sales were over $23B [1]. Similarly, home brewing and winemaking has had explosive growth over the last decade. Although having a drink or 2 with dinner is still commonplace – […]
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