Journal 24×7 September Update: Pin Lock, And More

Check out all of the new features coming to Journal 24×7 this September   Bulk actions You can now delete entries in bulk, and pick and choose what entries you want to share easily. To perform bulk actions just hold down on an entry for a few seconds and the bulk action bar will appear […]

Journal 24×7 Summer Update

A lot of new and improved features are coming to Journal 24×7 this summer.  So let’s dive into update 2.8 by starting off with a community suggested feature Remember Summer with more photos We noticed your feedback and introduced 2 improvements to photos: You can now take your own photos while using Journal 24×7 instead […]

Journal 24×7 Premium Features

Journal 24×7 update 2.7 is introducing an exciting new subscription plan called Premium. Here is a peek into what Premium will offer Design a theme Journal 24×7 is designed to give you the most customization options that we can. Premium expands on this by letting you customize the appearance of your journal now too. You […]

Preview of what’s coming to Journal 24×7

Both new and remastered features are coming in this newest update. Here is what to expect Easier entry writing A simpler entry page is coming with a few new features: The date and time of your entry is now shown in the heading so you can easily edit them Your entries will now properly reload […]
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