Start Tracking Your Workouts With A Digital Journal

Weight lifting can provide a meaningful outlet that can help to boost the confidence and physical fitness of those who pursue it. As is the case with most athletic pursuits, the keys to becoming a strong weightlifter include consistency, dedication, and the ability to follow a strict training regimen day-in and day-out.   Modern athletes […]

November Update: Settings rework, more

Here’s what’s been added to Flexible Journal this month. This update includes features from the September Update such as pin lock, and bulk-actions too.   Background colors You can now set your background color as being pink or blue too.       Settings Rework The settings are now much better and easier to use […]

Benefits of Journal 24×7 to Connect the Dots between Mood and Medications

Getting moody is normal, but when periods of moodiness become longer than expected, it can quickly become an issue. Everybody gets moody or depressed; sometimes, you feel melancholy, and other times you feel on top of the world. Most people recognize when they are moody, but they don’t fully understand the reason behind their mood […]

Benefits of Keeping a Medical Journal

Benefits of Tracking Medications Use Using Journal 24×7 Ensuring the proper use of medication after a surgery or as prescribed to treat a specific ailment plays a vital role in effective and quick recovery. Unfortunately, many people get it wrong when it comes to taking their medication as prescribed after a surgical procedure or as […]
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