Update Notes 3.1.9

Update 3.1.9 Added a few more user-requested features in this update. In summary: Entries are now automatically saved when you leave them. This way if you leave the app for a while you won’t lose what you were writing You can now sort lists from A-Z or Z-A by tapping the sort button For a […]

New theme and icons added in update 3.3

New themes, fonts, accent colors, and icons are coming in the next update   New Azure theme A new background color is being added called Azure. It’s a new variant of the dark theme that offers dark deep blue tones. So if you like the dark color that’s easier on the eyes, you might want […]

June Update: Entry reminders, units

Check out these new features added in the latest update:   Entry reminders You can now set reminders for your entries. These will help you remember to write on time. To set a reminder just open the options menu in an entry your writing and tap ‘Reminder’. Then choose the time and days you want […]

Spring Update: New fields, and more

There’s a lot of new features coming to Flexible Journal in update 3.0. Here are the most noticeable features and improvements you’ll find:   Drawing field You can now use a drawing field to make small drawings in your entries. Drawing field has more uses too such as being able to get signatures and to […]
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