Wine and Beer Connoisseurs – Don’t Forget – Journal It

June 12, 2017

Wine and Beer Connoisseurs – Don’t Forget – Journal It

It’s mind-boggling the recent explosion of companies and hobbyists making and selling craft beers and specialty beverages. In 2016 alone – US craft beer sales were over $23B [1]. Similarly, home brewing and winemaking has had explosive growth over the last decade. Although having a drink or 2 with dinner is still commonplace – the exponential growth of boutique and large-scale alcohol manufacturing companies and businesses has resulted in significant growth in alcohol-centered destination travel. Whether it’s travel companies selling city pub crawl tours, or micro-breweries offering tours, or boutique wineries offering vineyard experience excursions – destination travel centered on drinking has captured the attention of millions of passionate consumers.  Grown in alcohol-related business has resulted in a proliferation of drinking-related mobile applications – including mobile lifestyle journals and diary applications. It makes sense – if customers are spending 10’s of dollars on a glass of wine, a flight of specialty cider, or any other broad range of high-end beverages, keeping track of likes and dislikes make a lot of sense. If you want to remember your drinking adventures – a mobile app that provides a personal beer journal or wine journal may be just what you need.

Look for a Flexible Wine Journal App to Remember All Your Beverage Related Activities

A quick search of “beer diary” or “wine journal app” or “wine diary” or “alcohol tracker” in Google play will show a plethora of available beverage-related applications. Many of these applications are consumer-centric squarely focused on maintaining a journal centered around creating a journal for a specific beverage. There are also applications focused on maintaining a journal as part of an alcohol production process – like brewing and winemaking. For example, there are specific mobile applications focused on:

  • Wine tasting journal
  • Beer tasting journal
  • Beer brewing journal
  • Winemaking journal
  • Craft beer journal

Unfortunately, most drinking-focused applications address just one kind of beverage. Although some of these applications are great for folks that want to capture extreme detail in their journal entries – they are not convenient for consumers that might want to log a broader range of alcohol-related activities. Similarly, consumers that are interested in maintaining a journal of their beverage-related activities, most likely have other non-beverage-related interests worthy of capture in a personal journal or diary.

Beer or Wine Journals Are a Great Way to Remember Your Favorite Beverages

The Flexible Journal mobile journal application was created to help busy people remember a broad range of activities – including great (and not so great) food and beverage experiences – but also pretty much any activity one might participate in. The application is available on Google Play and is the most flexible custom diary app – where users can quickly enter, find and remember ANY important life moment! One single journal app can replace multiple beer journals, wine journals, or any other single activity mobile journal. The app ships with over 15 out-of-the-box journal types, spanning recreational journals, food and beverage journals, personal activity logs, school, and work-related diaries. Users of the application can quickly customize or build their journal prompts using the Flexible Journal prompt builder to capture pretty much any activity. We hope you decide to download and use Flexible Journal today.


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