Become a Movie Critic with Personalized Movie Reviews on Your Phone

May 14, 2019

Become a Movie Critic with Personalized Movie Reviews on Your Phone

Nothing quite beats that feeling you get as you walk out of the movie theater at the end of a fantastic showing. Movies are one of the most potent artforms enjoyed today, thanks to their unique ability to accurately capture powerful emotions ranging from fear to joy. As such, it's no wonder that millions of us flock to the theaters every weekend to enjoy the newest flicks from our favorite actors, directors, and movie studios.

Sadly, that elated feeling you experience as you leave the theater is often all too fleeting. What if there was a way to quickly record your thoughts on the film you just watched, in a way that is both in-the-moment and not intrusive to your overall movie-going experience?

Luckily, digital journals have proven to be an effective way for movie fans everywhere to capture their impressions and opinions on their favorite (and sometimes not-so-favorite) movies. Digital journals, which are a type of smartphone application that allow you to record notes on almost any topic, can serve as a meaningful tool for capturing movie reviews.

For example, instead of checking your phone immediately after a movie ends, why not take a minute or two to write a brief review of the film with a digital journal? Such a simple act can prove valuable in the days to come, especially for those who have become dedicated movie critics on popular sites like IMBD and Rotten Tomatoes. Using a digital journal for in-the-moment movie reviews provides the benefits of:

  • Having access to an accurate record of your gut-reaction to the movie you just saw. Oftentimes, our thoughts and reactions can change over time, so having access to an in-the-moment review can help to inform your future movie choices better.
  • Being able to share your movie reviews with friends and families. Digital journals like Flexible Journal allow users to easily share their latest reviews with their friends, family, and coworkers through Google Drive. This can help you guide your friends to the best movie of the year, or help them avoid wasting their time sitting through a flop.
  • Customizable journal forms, which allow users the opportunity to customize their movie review formats in a way that perfectly aligns with their tastes and needs. Digital journal apps like Flexible Journal come with pre-built forms for movie reviews, which provide a strong starting point for your custom reviews.

If you’ve ever been interested in becoming a movie critic, now is the perfect time to pursue this engaging hobby. To get started, we suggest checking out Flexible Journal on the Google Play Store. Our digital journal application is an excellent solution for your everyday journaling needs and is loaded with tons of features that are perfect for movie reviews, like the ability to rate a film on a scale of one to five stars. Download Flexible Journal on your Android smartphone or tablet and join the digital journal revolution today.

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