Backup & Restore

How to backup and restore

To backup and restore your data just go to the 'more options' menu in the list and tap 'Settings' then scroll down and tap 'Backup & restore'. Then tap 'Backup' to backup your journal or 'Restore' to restore a backup. You can also enable auto-backup to automatically backup your data there. Remember to backup your data frequently and save it in multiple places

Choose where to save your backup

There are three options to choose from when creating a backup:
• 'To device'
• 'To Google Drive'
• 'To storage'

Saving 'To device' stores a copy of your backup in the app. This option keeps your data on your device, but if you uninstall the app or lose your device then you risk losing your backup. Secondly the 'To Google Drive' option lets you save your backups to Google Drive so your backup is kept in the cloud and can be restored on any device connected to your account. Lastly the 'To storage' option lets you choose where to save your backup and lets you save multiple copies for as long as you want. We recommend using the 'To storage' option and saving a backup copy to both your device and to the cloud
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