Backup and Restore

How to Backup and Protect your Data

Backup and restore in the settings

Creating backups is crucial to protecting your data. If you don’t want to lose your entries because of a lost phone, or accidental deletions then backups are the answer. You can create a backup by tapping the backup button in the settings menu. To get to the settings just tap the gear icon in the bottom navigation menu. Once you have a backup you can then restore it in case you have to. There are two different choices you have for backup and restore

Choice 1: Create a backup on your device

Backing up your data on your device stores the backup locally in your phone. The backup can be found in the Journal 24×7 folder. You can then restore from a backup stored on your device by tapping restore from device in the settings menu. This is perfect if you just want to store it on your phone, but if you want it to be safer consider using the Google Drive choice or storing the backup in a different location too

Choice 2: Backup through Google Drive

You can also use Google Drive to store your backups too. You can restore from Google Drive if you have a backup stored on your drive by tapping restore from Google Drive in the settings menu. This is a great option for sharing a backup with multiple devices. It is also helpful because your backup is not dependent on your phone so if you lose it you can still restore your data

Congratulation you now know how to backup your data. Both choices are great and can be used simultaneously. Remember to backup your data regularly

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