Auto-fill Lists

How to Create Auto-fill Lists

Getting to the auto-fill list manager

Type selector menu

To create and manage auto-fill lists tap the edit icon and select auto-fill lists. This will open the auto-fill list manager which allows you to edit, delete and create auto-fill lists. To edit or delete an auto-fill list tap the options icon on an auto-fill list.  To create an auto-fill list tap new auto-fill list at the bottom of the manager

Adding words to the auto-fill list

Adding words to the auto-fill list

To add words to an auto-fill list begin by tapping new auto-fill list in the manager. After that simply enter words in and tap the add button. To delete words that have been added to the list tap the trash button on the word. Then tap save to finish creating the auto-fill list

Assigning the auto-fill list to a field

Adding the auto-fill list to a field

Once you have an auto-fill list you have to assign it to a field. To assign an auto-fill list to a field you have to create a new form or edit an existing form. When in the form builder you need to create an auto-fill text field. When creating an auto-fill text field you can then simply choose an auto-fill list that you made to be used for it

Uses for auto-fill lists

Using the auto-fill list in action

After you’ve created an auto-fill list and assigned it to a field you can then use it. To see the auto-fill list in action simply create a journal entry that contains the auto-fill list field. When you begin to enter text into the field it will give you the suggestions you entered into the auto-fill list. This is great for journal fields that require information such as the weather conditions which have a finite amount of answers. When used auto-fill lists can really help save time

Congratulations you now know how to create an auto-fill list

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