Create Lists

How to create a list

To create a list go to the prompt selector and tap the 'more options' menu. Then choose the 'Lists' option. From there you can edit, add and delete lists. To add a new list tap the + option. Then name your list and add list items to it. For example, if you want to create a list of colors you could name it 'Colors' and give it items such as "Blue"

How to use lists

Lists can be used in your prompts to make journaling easier. Journal fields such as dropdown and autofill text both use lists. For example, you could create a birdwatching prompt with a dropdown of a list you created called 'birds', and then you could select what bird you saw. You can also dynamically add data to a list by enabling it in the field options. For example, if you saw a new bird and entered it into the list then the next time the new bird would show up when you started to type it in

How to edit lists

To edit a list tap the 'more options' menu on a list and choose 'Edit’. To delete an item in the list tap the 'X’ next to the item. To add an item enter in what you want then tap +
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