Announcing Flexible Journal 2.0

January 1, 2017

Announcing Flexible Journal 2.0

Nashua, NH, January 1, 2017. Tech Product Strategy, LLC announces the release and general availability of Flexible Journal  v2.0, a major feature update for an innovative Android private journal app

Tech Product Strategy is excited to announce the release of Flexible Journal v2.0. This release adds multiple new and exciting mobile journal features. The application includes all the great features of the previous version, but with a new improved user interface, and some great new features.

Flexible Journal v2.0 is available on the Google Playstore and can be downloaded here

Flexible Journal v2.0 adds the following new capabilities:

  • Ability to edit/modify out-of-the-box journal prompts
  • A backup & restore feature. Enables users to backup and restore the entire Flexible Journal configuration and journal database. Appropriate for recovering from mobile device failure (or moving from one mobile device to another)
  • An export/import journal feature. Enables users to export and share filtered journal entries via Google drive. Appropriate for manually moving specific journal entries from one device to another or sharing journal entries with others
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